Thursday, February 6, 2020

QUIZ QUESTION AND ANSWERS Outline Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

QUIZ QUESTION AND ANSWERS - Outline Example ose of a sampling frame, which is to provide a method of selecting the particular individuals of a target population that will be subjected under interviews via the use of questionnaires. Before choosing this sample frame, one has to define the relationship between target population and the selected unit, since this unit is the one which determines the frame. A good sampling frame must have the following qualities. It should be accurate, complete and up-to-date. How well these properties relate to a target frame, will determine whether or not the sample frame is of good quality. Accuracy refers to a situation whereby an individual in a target population is incorporated just once. On the other hand, completeness refers to a situation whereby each and every individual of a target population is included in the sampling frame. Lastly, the quality up-to-date refers to a situation whereby the sample frame has to be current and not obsolete for it to be valid. Validity with respect to social research refers to the degree to which the set measures indicate what they had initially proposed to measure (KOTHARI, 2005). It can also be defined as the equivalence between the operational definition and the theoretical definition. For validity measurement, one has to first measure the reliability of that data. By contrast, reliability in social research refers to a situation whereby the same set of results is obtained irrespective of the time or place of survey, so long as the phenomenon being measured remains constant. Hence reliability focuses mainly on the consistency of the data taken from the target population. An in-depth interview refers to a dialogue between a trained interviewer and an interviewee, with the aim of exploring the interviewee’s feelings, views, behavior, experiences and perspectives. Some important characteristics of an in-depth interview include; open-ended questions, conversational, recording responses, recording observations, recording reflections an

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