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Morphine: Preventative Pain Control Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive

Morphine Preventative Pain ControlI. Introduction hypnogogic analgesics, especially morphine are underused for pain control with in the medical field. This underuse is because medical professionals, including doctors, fear patient addiction, side effects and possible lose of their licenses. These fears turn away adequate healing and a better quality of life to those who would benefit from a more effective use of these drugs, as done in hospice care.II. wound Pain not only involves the physical reaction to damaged tissue, but too involves an emotional and cognitive response by the person experiencing the pain (Backer, 1994). A persons prior experience give influence how pain is managed. Pain is a sign up that something is not quite right, and is one of the main reasons a person will seek out the attention of a doctor. Pain is also subtle. It cant be seen or imagined, and measuring pain remains a subjective process, (Kohler, 1992). Although pain is elusive and subjective, it is s till very real. Pain hurts. If left untreated, or inadequately treated, pain can overwhelm and consume a persons life. Instead of being a signal to a problem, pain becomes the problem. Various factors influence the pain a person feels when injured, sick or recovering from surgery. Different people have different thresholds of pain. A headache that sends one person to the medicine cabinet for aspirin may not bother another person. Nonphysical factors, such as fear, anxiety, depression, and fatigue, (Backer, 1994) are also variables which influence reactions to the threshold pain. If an adolescent complains of a headache, and the parents ask if she took something for it, she will more than likely take pain medication before complaining ... ...Herrera, Stephan. 1997, May 19. The fiction of Morphine. Forbes. 258-59.Kohler, Steve. 1992. Hard Cases Outlook. 14-16,18-19.Martin, Edward W. 1996, April. Pharmacological Management of Cancer Pain http// IN.HTM. Sept. 25, 1997.McClesky, Ed. 1992. The Root of Pain Outlook. 1994, Jan. 30. Opioid FAQ http// Sept. 25, 1997.Moulin, Dwight, E., et al. 1996, Jan. 20. Randomized Trial of Oral Morphine for degenerative Non-cancer Pain The Lancet. 143-148.Murphy, Terence M. 1981. Treatment of Chronic Pain Anesthesia, vol. 2. Ed. Ronald D. Miller. Churchill Livingstone New York, NY.National Cancer Institute. 1980. Coping with Cancer A Resource for the Health Care Professional. National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD.

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Achilles Respect for Authority in The Iliad :: Iliad essays

Achilles Respect for Authority in The Iliad   Respect for authority plays an master(prenominal) role in The Iliad. Achilles is a major character in it whose views on authority change throughout the book. In Book atomic number 53, he seems to have no respect for King Agamemnon. Achilles questions his judgment as well as rebelling against his authority. This is shown surpass when Achilles says, What a worthless, burnt-out coward Id be called if I would submit to you and all your orders. (Pg. 87 line 43-45). This is an outright lack of respect directed toward Agamemnon. By Book 24 however, his views seem to have changed. Achilles talks to King Priam of Troy with respect. An example in Book twenty-four is when Achilles and King Priam weep together over their losses. Book One portrays Achilles as an individualist. This was the accepted way of life in the Bronze Age, which is when Achilles lived. The people who lived in Greece during that era were very selfish and self-ce ntered. Achilles is not the only character in The Iliad who acts this way. Agamemnon, king of the Greeks, is also a very selfish character in this epic poem. The conflicts between these two major characters have catastrophic results. Because Agamemnon doesnt want to fall out up Chryseis, his war-prize, Apollo cast a plague on the Greeks. Achilles goes to Agamemnon and asks him to return the girl to her father so the plague give end. He agrees to return her, but he doesnt want to be left empty-handed. He returns Chryseis to her home, and he takes Briseis, a war-prize of Achilles. Achilles is so angry with Agamemnon that he vows to stop helping him fight the Trojans. As the battle goes on, Agamemnon realizes how important Achilles and his Myrmidons are to the Achaean troops. The King of the Greeks then swallows his pride and offers gifts to Achilles if he will come back and help fight. Achilles, however, is so stubborn that he refuses all the gifts and will not allow his tro ops to fight. When he is offered the gifts he rudely responds, I hate the man  Agamemnon like the very gates of death who says one topic but hides another in his heart.(Pg. 262 lines 378-379) This quote shows how much

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Gods Forgiveness in Taylors Meditation 42 Essay -- Edward Taylor Poe

In Edward Taylors Meditation 42, the loudspeaker system employs a tone of some(prenominal) want and anxiousness in order to convey the overall desire that mans sinful nature and spiritual unworthiness require graven images grace and forgiveness to gain entrance to the kingdom of heaven. In the open up stanza, the speaker describes the human crave and longing for material objects. From the very first word of Meditation 42, a sense of longing and desire infuses the poem as apples (ll. 1) often symbolize both temptation and desire. Because Eve allowed the lure of attaining the divinity fudges knowledge to overtake her in the book of Genesis, she bites from a fruit on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which is usually depicted as an apple. In addition, because the apples allude to mans fall from paradise they thereby represent mans imperfection and sinful nature. Furthermore, the fact that apples of gold in silver pictures shrined (ll. 1) emphasizes the desire or lust for physical, material items of beauty and wealth. These items enchant (ll. 2) as the gold and silver appeal to mankinds covetous nature and tendency to value superficial items. Thus, the speaker conveys his longing and desire for physical riches which enchant him. Yet his want for treasures exist as strictly human desire, causing physical consequences as they fill mouths to water (ll. 2). However, despite the monetary value of precious metals, attaining such superficial items does not allow man to gain any true fulfillment. For example, in the opening stanza, all the treasures In jasper cask, when tapped, doth briskly vapor (ll. 4). The material items mean nothing in the larger scheme of the world and therefore briskly vapor and disapp... ..., provided still pleads for God to take me in (ll. 41), and promises to happiness for mercy. Once again, the speaker demonstrates the same desires for physical treasures that he expresses in the first s tanza as he asks God to give mine eye / A peephole there to see bright glorys chases (ll. 39-40). Even in the Gods kingdom, the speaker reveals his humanity as he focuses on ornamentation which starkly contrasts with Gods divinity as He has the ability to show love even for sinners. Thus, while man shows his human nature, desiring and coveting physical riches and treasures, God demonstrates his truly divine nature as he possesses true spiritual riches, in the form of love, mercy, and forgiveness.Works CitedTaylor, Edward. Meditation 42. The Heath Anthology of American Literature. Ed. Paul Lautier. parvenue York Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004

Give Students a Break :: Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Give Students a BreakStudents at tech, and indeed at most colleges, eagerly anticipate holi long age because they provide a welcome break from classes. Although some may say that breaks only take a appearance valuable class time from students, they grass to see the educational benefits that breaks afford. Techs sparse holiday offerings take little advantage of these benefits. Tech is harming students, who could greatly benefit from the time breaks offer for relaxation, family interaction, and studying.Despite criticism, breaks do non necessarily have to adversely affect students education by taking away classic class time. There atomic number 18 many ways Tech could integrate breaks into its semester schedules without loosing any class time at all. For instance, classes could begin a few days early or end a few days late, allowing breaks to be added into the semesters. Alternatively, Tech could shorten its overly-long twenty-eight day Christmas break and use those days for brea ks during the semesters. Careful planning of the breaks already offered would even help. During the fall semester, Tech currently offers one of its five breaks less than a week aft(prenominal) classes begin and three more of its breaks less than three weeks before Christmas break begins. This poor programing leaves large gaps during the semester with no breaks at all.Why, though, are breaks important from an educational standpoint? One reason is that they lightens students stress loads. College is stressful enough with breaks without them, students have no way to recuperate from the stress of classes. During Montana Techs fall semester, there are over two months of straight classes that contain no breaks at all. During the spring semester, there are two more large gaps between breaks, one of which is also over two months long. Although weekends do help, these are often used for studying and homework and do little to ease the students stress. Many students begin to dislike their c lasses because of the stress they cause, and as a result, some put less effort into their studying. Breaks allow students some time off from their classes to relax so that they can come back refreshed.Another reason breaks are important is that they give students time to spend with their families. It is very important to develop social skills during college and, it is also important to become more independent. Both of these will aid the student when starting a new life after graduation. But family relationships are still very important for students.

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Four Geometry Formulas Essay -- Geometry

As you begin the course of geometry students are generally familiarized with frequently used formulas in mathematics. These formulas include finding the allowance and battlefield of two-dimensional figures and finding the volume and surface area of three-dimensional figures. For every diverse shape there is a related formula for finding its perimeter, area, volume, or surface area. Therefore, we will only focus on four formulas for four singular shapes or figures. We will find the perimeter of a significant, the area of a triangle, the volume of a right circular cylinder and the total surface area of a sphere. The first formula will correspond to finding the perimeter of a material. For the following formula P will stand for the perimeter and s will represent the side length of the square. The perimeter of a square is found by multiplying four by the side length of the square. Thus, the formula would be P=4s. The motive that the four is in the formula is because a square has four sides. Now lets use an example, if a square has a side length of 4 inches on every of its four sides the formul...

Four Geometry Formulas Essay -- Geometry

As you begin the course of geometry students are generally familiarized with frequently used formulas in mathematics. These formulas embroil finding the mete and area of two-dimensional figures and finding the volume and surface area of three-dimensional figures. For every diverse shape there is a link formula for finding its perimeter, area, volume, or surface area. Therefore, we will only focus on four formulas for four singular shapes or figures. We will find the perimeter of a square, the area of a triangle, the volume of a right circular cylinder and the total surface area of a sphere. The first formula will correspond to finding the perimeter of a square. For the following formula P will stand for the perimeter and s will represent the side distance of the square. The perimeter of a square is found by multiplying four by the side length of the square. Thus, the formula would be P=4s. The motive that the four is in the formula is because a square has four sides. Now let s use an example, if a square has a side length of 4 inches on every of its four sides the formul...

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Explaining of The Child Protection in The Wider Concept of Safeguarding Children and Young People

Explain child protection in the wider concept of safeguarding children and fresh people. Safeguarding of children is recognizen as an umbrella term which means it involves everything to ensure the health and safety of the children. Safeguarding of a child is priority, whether it to be at home, nursery, youth clubs, in a social prospect or in someone elses c be. Also whether it is an adult they hump or dont know or stock-still another child, knowing the welfare of each individual child is paramount.In doing this there are more policies and procedures to follow regarding a childs health and safety, in which companies have to enforce these policies and procedures in a child based setting. When a child based setting is recruiting new members of staff there are many checks that they need to do, the main check is their DBS checks commonly known as their CRB to ensure they have no criminal convictions, ever been on a sex offenders mention or are a general risk to children.Communicat ion with a childs parent is so important when it comes to a childs welfare knowing how the childs home behavior is and any concerns the parents may have about their child. Having a good working relationship with the parents and getting to know them is key, they are entrusting us with the welfare of their children. It is a difficult transition for parent sending their children to nursery for the first time knowing that their child is going to be safe and their well-being is going to be well cared for is reassuring to them.Making sure a childs welfare is safe in both aspects of life is a vital part of their development in their learning capability, in their confidence and in the long term impact into adult hood. It is important that all staff know the correct policies and procedures if they have cause for concern, finding ways to do this is updating safeguarding polices regularly and retraining staff often to ensure this.Also setting up a CAF (common assessment framework) and making contact with multi agencies for a child who they have cause for concern for and putting uphold in place for them is a good way to ensure a child in need is getting the best possible support, and them knowing that someone is there to listen and support them is reassuring to the child. Making staff stand out as staff with the correct uniform and ensuring ID is in full view for the parents and other staff to notice clearly for identification.Making sure that the staffs dont put themselves in any sort of situation to possible complains that can arise i. mobile phones or if any conflict with a child make sure it is handled correctly following the correct policies and procedure guidelines of your work setting. Also making sure schools and nurseries know who exactly are coming in and out of the building with a signing in book. There are all types of abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, inner abuse, neglect and verbal abuse, following the safeguarding policies and procedures will he lp ensure a childs health and safety.Making sure these policies and procedures are followed correctly will dig the child the best outcome in life. There are many ways to protect a child, at home, in a school or social setting. Unfortunately in todays society there is a dip in the system when it comes to the protection of children, so many children are being put a risk. People need to be more vigilant to stop children getting abused in any sort of way. all(prenominal) child matters they are our future abuse needs to stop, people need to become more aware to help prevent these things from happening.

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Millenium Development Goals Essay

The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) emerged from the United Nations (UN) Millennium contract in 2000, and are arguably the most politically important pact ever made for international development. They identify specic development priorities across a very broad range, including poverty, education, gender, wellness, environment, and international partnerships. These goals have substantially shaped development dialogue and investment some development agencies judge all their activities on the part to achievement of the MDGs.Overall, progress towards the MDGs has been described as patchy and uneven. The broad conclusion is that few goals are entirely on track globally, and those that are salute substantial variation, with least progress in Africa and often south Asia.The MDGs comprise a set of eight goals and associated targets and indicators. They represent the latest eort in a long process of development goal setting which had antecedents in the Universal Declaration of Huma n Rights, the Development Decade of the 1960s, and the many UN summits of the second half of the twentieth century that set specic goals to reduce hunger, improve health, eradicate diseases, and school children.The Millennium Declaration presented six values that were considered to be fundamental to international relations in the 21st century freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature, and shared responsibility. Seven key objectives were identied to translate these shared values into actions peace, security, and disarmament development and poverty obliteration protection of our common environment human rights, democracy, and good governance protection of vulnerable people meeting of the special needs of Africa and strengthening of the UN.The performance of somebody MDGs so far suggests that they have made four important positive contributions encouraging global political consensus, providing a focus for advocacy, improving the targeting and ow of aid, and improvi ng the observe of development projects. The MDGs are claimed to be the rst global development vision that combines a global political endorsement with a clear focus on, and means to look at directly with, the worlds poor people. there are many challenges posed by the Millenium Development Goals. Set against these positive contributions are several(prenominal)(prenominal) shortcomings that emerge consistently across the analysis of individual MDGs. Characteristically, most of these weaknesses present themselves as the ip side of the MDGs more positive elements.Thus, the Millenium Development Goals, which has probably facilitated their toleration and use, makes them at the same time limited in scope, whereas their quantitative targets and precise indicators often fail to capture some crucial elements of goal achievement. We have to subscribe that all goal setting involves such trade-offs.However, the value of focusing on shortcomings of the MDGs lies in our potential to improve th em, or replace them with something better. Ineective MDGs pose two risks they force not achieve their intended eect, and they could lead to negative eects by ignoring or impeding more eective development and poverty reduction.There are many problems with the goals set by UN. The MDGs represent a subset of a broader development vision expressed in the Millennium Declaration. Goals were never developed for several key objectives of the Declaration, including peace, security and disarmament, and human rights. The elements taken into the MDGs were in fact the specic targets associated with only one objective of the Declaration, that of development and poverty eradication. Some of these goals, being themselves derived from specic targets, were very narrow in conception education goals focused mainly on primary education, whereas health goals focused only on three aspects of health associated with maternal mortality, child mortality, and specic diseases.

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Critique of Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan

Wright State University Modern Political Philosophy Essay 1 revue of Thomas Hobbess Leviathan Wes Miller PHL 432 Donovan Miyasaki 10/9/2012 Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher best known for his 1651 text Leviathan. In Leviathan Hobbes suggests that humans nature is one of competition, diffidence, and glory. I will argue against this assertion, claiming that human nature is non one of fight and mistrust, but one of cooperation and collaboration. I will conclude by stating that man work together to achieve the common goal of survival, happiness, and advancement of the human race.Hobbes begins his explanation of the state of nature in chapter 13 of Leviathan by stating that either men atomic number 18 equal in nature. Although one man may be stronger or more intelligent than an separate, creation are relatively equal in separately way because of their ability to manipulate and form alliances For as to the strength of body, the weakest has strength enough to kill the stro ngest, either by secret machination, or by fusion with others, that are in the compar commensurate danger as himself. 1 Because men are all equal, Hobbes believed that they desire the same things. If two men share the same desire, they become enemies.If all men are equal, at that place is no way for one man to be overpower of all other men. If a virtuoso man were to attempt to gain power over all other men, he would be overthrown by those he was trying to have power over. Considering that all are naturally equal, and all naturally desire the same things, the nature of man, according to Hobbes, is war So that in the nature of man, we find three spark advance causes of quarrel. First, competition secondly, diffidence thirdly, glory (293). In this constant state of war thither is no desire for any technological advancements or culture because on that point would be no use for either.Many other aspects of smell are thrown aside as well no navigation, nor use of the commodities t hat may be merchandise by sea no commodious building no instruments of moving, and removing such things as require much force no knowledge of the face of the dry land no account of time no arts no letters no society and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death and the life of man, solitarily, poor, nasty, brutish, and short (293). Hobbes claims that in this state of nature, there is no place for any type of justice or understanding of right and wrong.Because there is no society, there is no agreement on any type of guidelines between men. Because there are no guidelines, there is no way to be unjust. Therefore, every pull through in the state of nature is just. For example, it is perfectly just to steal from someone if they hold something that you desire (such as food, shelter, etc. ) Hobbes goes on to explain that the only reasons that humans would be in a state of ataraxis would be the fear of death and the desire for commodious living. Hobbes gives a very pessimistic view of human nature.If his claims that the human nature is one of competition, diffidence, and glory were correct, the world that we live in today would be impossible to achieve. If every man was constantly at war with every other man as Hobbes claims, there would be absolutely no room for any technological advancement. He says this himself In such condition, there is no place for industry because the fruit thereof is uncertain (293). If what Hobbes claims is true, the human race would non even exist. Mankind would have destroyed itself before it was able to create any kind of society.Simply by looking back at how the world evolved to be the way it is today, anyone can see that the human race as a whole has been extremely successful. Humans worked together, formed alliances, and constantly took steps to achieve a more balanced society. Although many of these attempts have been unsuccessful, they were still attempts nonetheless. The detail that the advancement of society was even attempted settles that humans had to have worked together. I agree with Hobbess view that no man can be master of all men, but I do, however, believe that some men can be masters of some men.For example, the monarchial systems of England and China were successful for thousands of years. Humans have a pack mentality, much like wolves. Some are leaders, and others are followers, this has been true since the dawn of man. There have always been chieftains, kings, and presidents leading a theme of other humans. Because of this system, all men are not entirely equal. Some men have power over other men. The situations in which men can be at peace with each other is ex impressly what Hobbes said, fear of death, but is it not true that all men fear death?If man did not fear death, the human race would die out. There has to be a fear of death in order to survive. So, if there must be a fear of death to survive, and all men have a natural fear death, would this not mean tha t mans nature is one of peace? One might argue that the societies in place today are constantly at war with each other, that societies are groups of people acting as an individual, proving that Hobbess idea of a human nature in which we are constantly at war is correct. I would reply, however, with another question.Isnt society a result of a mass amount of collaboration between human beings? Because the societies at war are made up of a large group of people acting as an individual, one can come to the conclusion that before societies were created, there was only cooperation. If human nature is one of constant dispute and mistrust, societies could not have been created in the first place. So, if before society existed there was only cooperation, one could say that society itself is the cause of all conflict, the opposite of Hobbess suggestion.I have argued that Hobbess idea of the human nature being one of constant conflict and mistrust is false. Humans have always trusted each oth er and worked together to advance the species as a whole. If there wasnt cooperation before society, society would have never existed at all. Hobbes states that human nature does not allow industrial advancement, but industrial advancement has obviously been achieved. He claims that man can only be at peace when he fears death, moreover men naturally fear death, therefore mans nature is one of peace.The fact that Societies are constantly at war does not prove Hobbess theory correct, it does the opposite. Societies are a result of humans working together, therefore human nature is one of cooperation. It is difficult to know how humans would act in a complete state of nature, but merely the fact that man exists today is proof that our nature is not one of war. 1. Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, in Political Philosophy The Essential Texts, ed. Steven M. Cahn (New York Oxford, 2011), 293

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Analysis the operations management of Starbucks Essay

Operations solicitude brooks on managing process. All operations tension on the process of input, transformation and output. Operations management will precaution or so the represent of ingredients, labor requirements, and customer satis featureion. (Heizer, J, p, 39). So all the operators need to concentrate on well-nigh main objects of operations management such as capacity, whole step, variability, and queuing. They should treat the task of balancing the supply with demand as their primary work. This judge will introduce the idea of how the operations argon performed in Starbucks and how the relation between supply and demand is influenced. In the prototypic section it will clarify the capacity and demand management. Regarding the second section it will point out the trunk in Starbucks to balance the supply and demand in quality aspect. fiber is the soul of a company,said Schurz in 2003. And the informant can not agreed any more around this. For the net section i t will discuss nigh the strategies which made by Starbucks to eliminate the problems occurred in queuing.Capacity management used to be called demand management (Crandall and Markland, 1996) or managing capacity and demand (Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons, 2004). Capacity management attempts to ensure the service runs well and satisfy the visitors requirements(Klassen and Rohleder, 2002). In terms of MRP, namely the worldly requirement planning, MRP is a manufacturing project as well as serviceable technology. It begins with defining products based on forecasting of market demands and customers order. Following this, a plan based on the producing progress of products, products strong form and stock view is formed. With the help of computer to calculate the ask amount and time, it then can clarify the manufacture progress and order schedule (Ptak, 2011). Starbucks uses an algorithm named thousand superstar dollar bill consumption algorithm to calculate the safety material consump tion for the next week. This model is applicable for them to make a short term forecast of the material consumption. The best consequence they want supposely is a smooth rising average. Using the usage amount of weekly material given weekly exchange then multiple the next weekly forecasting sales and then multiply 1.15 is the result of safe storageamount (Starbucks, 2006).A service is an intangible and insubstantial product that cannot be touched or tasted. Services are behaviors, actions and activities (Valarie, Mary, and Dwayne, P. 4). Compare to product, there is no need for transport and storage of service.The worlds largest coffee company, Starbucks, has 18000 stores in over 60 countries and over 200000 employees. To support this global stemma, the company made a success of how they organized their delivery of their services and goods. The end of Starbucks is to make a positive impact of one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.Quality used to be the most difficu lt concept to define. However, the hospitality industry has experienced the increasingly fierce competitions about higher service quality as time goes by (Parayani et al, 2010). In the same way, Starbucks need to pay more attention on what customers want the most from the service delivery. And the customers care more about the things they experienced in flowing hospitality industry.Total quality management(TQM) becomes a more and more significant business management method which is related with hospitality service(Feigenbaum, 1986). This method is aimed at solid customers, benefiting all the members of the organization as well as making good contributions to the society(Parasuraman, Zeithaml& Berry., 1988). It concentrates its attention on product and service quality together with the degree of faithfulness of members. The total quality management concerns about one process, four stages and eight sections. The management system of Starbucks can be seen as a proper guinea pig to analyze this total quality management concept. As for the one process of Starbucks, the enterprise is ought to find out the different working(a) tasks during different time periods. Every business behavior of the enterprise has a wholly process of emerging, forming, conducting and verifying(Greasley, 2010). One specific example is that the quality of beverage of Starbucks is strictly evaluated in different ways, such as the temperate, the taste, and the look of the beverage.The evaluation has itsspecific requirement instead than basing on the personal preference of the staff. During different making time and considering several kinds of beverages, different evaluating rules are applied. It displays the fact that Starbucks follow the one process rule in total quality management. In view of the four stages, total quality management points out a cycle system called PDCA cycle. This cycle system performs in the form of planning, doing, go outing and acting. In normal situation, the producing process of a beverage demand the effort of planning what material will be adopted, checking the availability of the material and then apply it to make the product. Any of these four stages cannot be skipped because any of them has an important impact on final results. There arises the concept of eight sections following the four stages. It begins with analyzing the current performance of the firm to spot the potential quality problems and ends with concluding the experience, strengthening the achievement and standardizing the working results.Based on the total quality management, a model named SERVQUAL comes in to being. This model is a new method to evaluate the service quality in hospitality industry(Bojanic, 1994). Its central point is the service quality gap model, namely that service quality is depending on the gap between the aspiration service train of guests and the actual service aim they experience(Pitt, 1997). The SERVQUAL model can be simply seen as this f ormula the result of SERVQUAL is equal with the actual experiencing result minus scene result. The higher the SERVQUAL result is, the better service quality is. SERVQUAL is divided the service quality into five aspects tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy(Zeithaml, 1990).Tangibles should have modern service facility, wide draw of service facility, clear uniform of members and the factor of provided service convergeing with firms facility. Considering the Starbucks, it has the outstanding coffee producing facility, cleaning store environment, quality monitoring system that can meet the international standard. More importantly, the staffs in Starbucks are required to wear the cleaning and green aprons. This requirement not only reflects the idea of environmental protection and honorable pursuing, but also meets the demands of tangibles, which asks the firm to have the clear uniform ofmembers(Zeithaml, 1996). In view of reliability, it is the ability to corr ectly and reliable to conduct the service commitment. It includes the requirement of get together the deadline of promised the service commitment, showing the care and helping the guests when they face the problem and recording the activities and transactions correctly. Starbucks has set a target that the coffee in Starbucks will be authenticated and monitored by the third independent professional party before 2015. There are two requirements considering the coffee producing of Starbucks.The one is that the purchasing process should be legal and reasonable and the coffee cropping process should be responsible. In fact, Starbucks manage to follow such rule, as can be seen from the evidence that it has formed the deterrent example purchasing system called C.A.F.E system. Such behavior shows the fact that Starbucks manage to take the social responsibility, which can help to increase the reliability of the firm and help to sort more satisfying reputation.As for the responsiveness, it relates with the wish to improve the service standard when receiving the suggestions from customers. Starbucks has its own unique customer recovery system. To be more precise, if the customers is not quelled with the product they buy or the service they experience, staff in Starbucks will give them customer recovery coupon as a kind of method to compensate. Besides this, the staffs also follow the listening principle that requires the staff to listen to the feedback from the customers and take relevant actions to solve the issues. In addition, staff should thank for the feedback from customers, no content it is positive or negative.This recovery system plays an important role in dealing with the customers need and shows high degree of responsiveness inside the Starbucks. With regard to assurance, it concerns about the workers degree of confidence and ability to display their knowledge and courtesy. The members in Starbucks are asked to follow the 5B principle. The 5B principle i s to be considerate, welcoming, genuine, involved, and knowledgeable. To be considerate is to try to care for others and the whole environment. To be welcoming is to welcome every guest warmly, making them have the sense of belongings. To be genuine is to sincerely contact with guests and build the positive relationship with guests. To be involved is to devote the heartinto work and have the motivation to build a better Starbucks. To be knowledgeable is to be specific about the work and love the work(Starbucks, 2012). It is obvious that having such assurance inside the Starbucks, the operations inside the firm is under a promising pattern, which is able to develop the quality management level. Finally, it is the concept of empathy, which means that the companies are required to care for guests together with providing the personal service.Applying this ides to Starbucks, workers in Starbucks welcome the guests individually and then kindly ask for the needs of the guests and provide t he first-class service for them. Without these operations, operators can not spot in which the service gap exists and then figure out how to eliminate it(Christopher, 2006).Customers satisfaction is a very important demand in a hospitality industry(Robledo, 2001). The design of the hospitality industry is mainly divided into two aspects, the animal(prenominal) environment and the servicescape. Especially nowadays, the servicescape play a very important role in the customers perceptions. The hospitality, particularly hotels, should make their design and plan match the marketing and customers anticipation (Bitner, 1992). So, the core business value of Starbucks is to create a certain servicescape named Third Space(Starbucks, 2012). The third blank space is delineate as shopping and leisure space distinguishing from living space and working space that are marked as the first space and second space individually. In order to improve the life quality, it is a key point to improve the q uality of third space. As for Starbucks, it aims to expand the third space for customers. the workers in Starbucks devote themselves to provide more warm atmosphere for customers through sincerely communication and first-class service. Thus, Starbucks is more like a space for reposeful rather than just a coffee store .Under the nine-to-five working form as for most people, it is a real need for them to have an additional relaxing place and Starbucks well provides this kind of space due to its value of providing third space for customers. This value has won more and more popularity among customers. There are some knowledge of the waiting lines called queuing theory, which is a very important part of the operations management, and it is a very effective tool that every operators need to know. The most commons discipline of align is FCFS, which means first come first service also itis the same as first in first service.The Structure of a waiting line system has three separate arriv als, queue discipline and the service facility. So, considering the arrival characteristics, it is mainly divided into three major characteristics amount of the arrival population, behavior of arrivals and the mode of arrivals. There are two most important characteristics involving in the form of the service system and the allocation of the service time. And the basic queuing system can be divided into several models single channel queuing system, multiple channel system, single phase system and multiple channel system (Heizer, J., p. 773). A service facility can be seen as a channel, it usually can be one open teller or a check out service. And different customers demand makes different phases of the queuing models.Also the queuing cost is quiet important, the operators must recognize that there are mainly divided into two parts of the queuing cost, the cost of providing good quality services and the cost of the lost of waiting time(Gross, 2008). But if a manager want to ensure the quality of the products, sometimes the queuing cost is necessary(Hayes, 2011). However, it is very important to balance the rescues in service cost(Prabhu, 1997). But to minimize the cost of lost time waiting, Starbucks usually will arrange a senior partner to chat with customers, care about their demands, asking about the customized order then mark it to the partners in the bar counter, save time for two customers and the store. Also this senior partner will arrange some activities tally to the queuing condition and his own experience. This partners job is to distract customers attention. By using this time, the partner can introduce the new product to the customers and send some free giveaway drinks and dessert. Usually the free giveaway drinks will be the drinks which are new to the market. Also this partner can seize this opportunity to promote the member card of Starbucks and the items on the cabinets, which are thoughtfully placed exactly beside the queue lines.Because of the characteristic of service that cannot be storage and service takes time and the time is variable, also the customers often arrives at variable time. Therefore, the limited of the service capacity caused the bottlenecks in the process. In Starbucks, there is a special charactercalled drifter. Floater is like a free man that does not have a fixed work. Floaters duty is to make sure everything goes fine. There are often two tellers in a Starbucks store, and the Floaters fundamental job is to select the customers wait in line and make sure the queue goes smooth, then get to know the customers demands then marks it down on the beverage cups at heart their own special marks which made by Starbucks, this work will efficiently relieve the pressure of partners who works inside the bar. Also the floater needs to notice the whole store, make some operational flexibility measures to ensure the positive operation of the store. One of the operations managements main functions is to concern about the process design.The process of operation is to transform the input resources into output services and products. Process design can not only improve ones quality, but also optimize the capacity of the hospitality organisation. Process shortening is also a very important operation about saving customers time and improving customers satisfaction. So the Starbucks made a model called Four Classes Beverage Procedure. This model segment the beverage according to the quantity level of the beverages in waiting queue that is needed to be made during the service time. So the average making time of the first class drink is approximate 45 seconds, while the second, third, and fourth class needs 37, 30, 25 seconds separately. The higher the class, the more time is spent on making the drink. The serving time of the first class demands one staff, which is required to make from zero to five cups of drink alone.It is allowed to make only two cups one time in this procedure. More importantl y, it is a need for the staff to contact with waiting customers during the making time of the drink. This rule makes good contributions to the customers satisfaction, because it alleviates the impatience of the waiting customers. Service is unable to be stocked and is needed to be created immediately when customers come. Queues are caused by variable arrival and processing rates(Cochran, 2008). According to this, the likelihood of increasing the customers demands is accumulated. In terms of the second, third, fourth class, the difference relays on the number of required staff and beverages to be made. However, these four-class procedures share a common factor that the staff is required to have a contact with waiting customers. It is a core idea associated with culture of Starbucks.This idea has positive influence to increase customerssatisfaction of the brand, thus raising the demand of customers. As more customers coming, the supply of the Starbucks should be added in order to bala nce the relation between supply and demand. Quality is the soul of a company, and the reservoir can not agreed any more about this. This essay clarified the elements which are needed to balance the supply and demand in a hospitality organisation. Starbucks, the world leading coffee sell company, did a great job to balance the supply and demand in service quality aspect by using the 5B principle. The Starbucks applied some operations and services management theories which are already talked about in this essay, such as TQM and the SERVQUAL to balance the supply and demand between company and customers. Also according to authors experience and observation, quality and capacity management is very important in the operations management indeed.WHY USING THE FOLLOWING audienceBy using the model SERVQUAL which proposed by Parasuraman et al. (1985), the author can clearly clarify the characteristics of Starbucks combine with the authors own experience and observation. It also helped the author to systematic describe how Starbucks manipulate their quality management.TQM can be seen as a basic measurement of quality,which is astray adopted by the service industry. The author thinks Starbucks also used this to justify their goods and services. Quality is the soul of a company. The author can not agreed any more about this.The servicescape theory is widely accepted and used by many people, and many operations strategies are emerged based on servicescape.REFERNCEBrown, S. W. And Swartz, T. A.(1989), A gap Analysis of professional service quality, journal of Marketing, 53, (2), pp. 92-96.Christopher, L., Jochen, W. and Jayanta, C. (2006), Marketing of services, people, technology, strategy, Pearson education, pp. 393-395.Cochran, J. K. and K. Roche. (2008), A Queuing-Based Decision Support Methodology to Estimate Hospital Inpatient Bed Demand, Journal of the Operational Research Society 59, zero(prenominal) 11Crandall, R., Markland, R., 1996. 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